The West Worries about ISIS Use of Drones Despite Their Limited Capabilities

The U.S. and its allies use advanced drones weighing thousands of pounds, are controlled sometimes from thousands of miles away, can loiter for hours, and can rain death from above. But, they are increasingly freaking out about ISIS use of toy drones with cameras or small explosives. The Mosul battle in Iraq has seen the […]

From Cyberspace to Spacecyber Pearl Harbor!

  If we can have cyberspace war, why not spacecyber war? Historians, military experts and technology buffs agree that the next 9/11 or Pearl Harbor could involve a form of cyber warfare that begins in outer space. In a nightmare scenario, rogue powers (hackers and terrorists) or familiar adversaries (Russia or China) might succeed in […]

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Does 2016 Mark the End of Cyber Pearl Harbor Hysteria?

Since 1991, proponents of greater cybersecurity have warned of an impending “cyber Pearl Harbor”–or sometimes its sibling, the cyber 9/11–to motivate a response to the cyber threats facing the United States. For years, I have been a critic of such cyber-doom rhetoric, arguing that it is a potentially dangerous distraction from the real threats that […]

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Is There Evidence of an ISIS Chemical Drones Attack Plot?

Authorities in the UK are worried that ISIS might be plotting to use drones to carry out a chemical or “dirty bomb” attack: Law enforcement agencies believe hardened Isis recruits are planning to import terrorist tactics perfected on the battlefields of the Middle East, including the deployment of chlorine and mustard gas, to the UK. […]

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Military Can’t Provide Cybersecurity for Private Networks

Over at CFR, Robert Knake makes an argument against Trump’s plan to have the military take the lead on U.S. cybersecurity. [T]here is almost nothing the U.S. military can do to protect private industry from cyberattack. The logic that the military should be responsible for protecting private companies from cyberattacks is as compelling as it […]

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