From, 12 July 2005, Just found this image during my daily news review.  There is a lot going on here which depicts in visual form, and all at once, the essence of transformation and network-centric warfare.

First, we have the entire globe "in view" and under surveillance. 

Second, it is not only able to be watched but able to be touched.  The prodding fingertip represents nicely the German idea of fingerspitzengefuehl, or figer-tip feel, that John Boyd talked about.  Or, in the current transformation lingo, it represents a "sense and respond" capability. 

Third, it is a view of the world that is highly technologically, specifically IT and computer, mediated. 

Fourth, the lines on the digital globe portray a networked, highly interconnected world.

Source: "TSAT SS completes major design review," (12 July 2005).  Image URL.