Well, the new Transformation Tracker started with a bang, but now it’s time for a break. After getting the new site up and running, with loads of content posted, in less than a week, Transformation Tracker has slowed a bit in the last week. There are two reasons.

First, I have diverted my attention to writing an article for the upcoming issue (September 2005) of the journal, Surveillance and Society, which is on “surveillance and violent conflict.” The title of the submitted article is “Information Dominance, Surveillance, and the Emergence of Information-Age Warfare.” I will let readers of Transformation Tracker know if/when it is accepted. If accepted, a full-text version will be available through the Surveillance and Society website.

Second, I’m on the road for the holiday. I’m back in Baltimore for the weekend for a reunion of friends and former roommates. If something major happens–like, for instance, Rumsfeld announces on a Sunday afternoon before the 4th that the U.S. is developing a fleet of super star destroyers (unlikely)–then I will find a computer and post what I can. Otherwise, Transformation Tracker will resume on Tuesday, July 5.

Happy Independence Day!