Jason Sherman, Inside Defense, 12 April 2006

“As new users demand more information and adaptive information sharing, improved knowledge utilization and better tools for information discovery will become critically important,” he wrote. “’Googling’ and ‘blogging’ are making their way into military operations at all levels, but the full implications of this revolution are as yet unknown and we have no clear direction and defined doctrine.”

The summer study task force — being led by Vincent Vitto, president of the Draper Laboratory, and Ronald Kerber, a private consultant — is tackling three sets of issues. (more)

Rapid Reaction

It’s interesting to see DoD interested in the implications of search engines, blogs, etc. on command and control, strategic communications, etc. However, one cannot help but wonder if they are behind the curve. Our first reaction might be to say, "Well, the military ‘invented’ the Internet, so haven’t they known about this stuff for a long time?" Not necessarily. This is just one more piece that pokes a little hole in that myth about the military and the Internet. Even though military funding was initially central to the development of what came to be the Internet as we know it, since that time the military has more often been reacting to, rather than driving, changes in Internet-based technologies.