In my last post I mentioned  two new tools for tracking what folks are talking about in the blogosphere, BlogPulse and IceRocket.  I have used both of those tools to try to get a feel for how the news of a foiled terror plot out of Britain is impacting the blogosphere.

The result from BlogPulse:

And the result from IceRocket:

As you can see, the UK terror plot has definitely received a great deal of chatter over the last two days.  However, overall there is still more chatter related to the Israel/Lebanon crisis and the war in Iraq.

What is somewhat disturbing, however, is the fact that 5 of the top ten results on BlogPulse are blogs which discuss the U.K. terror plot as "fear mongering" or "terror mongering" by the U.S. and U.K., or as a "conspiracy" by the Israelis to distract attention from their operations in Lebanon.

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