• The blogging platform behind the new “Crowd Fusion” project is the kind of thing I have been thinking about for a while. While there are good tools for collaboratively creating and sharing content (e.g. wikis, Google Docs, etc.), currently there is no good way for a project team to collaboratively collect and process information. Each individual will have his/her own information stream and processing workflow. Each individual works individually up to the point at which something is shared with the group on a wiki, etc. The system behind Crowd Fusion, however, turns collection and processing of online information into a collaborative process as well. Sounds like this could work well as an online, distributed, OSINT platform.

    tags: collaboration, intelligence, information sharing

    • What’s so special about it? The system has a built-in RSS reader that team leaders seed with subscriptions (writers can add more at will), it’s easy to push related links from other blogs out onto the published site and the system allows for the management of multiple responsibilities for posts like finding and sizing images, copy editing and more. Obsessable says it is aggregating about 1,000 topical links each day from around the web. It’s all pretty involved but we couldn’t help but be jealous of the publishing interface.