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    • A fire caused $1 million worth of damage at an unmanned underground nuclear launch site last spring, but the Air Force didn’t find out about it until five days later, an Air Force official said yesterday.
    • The revelation was the latest in a string of embarrassing missteps involving the nation’s nuclear arsenal. In 2006, four electrical fuses for ballistic missile warheads were mistakenly shipped to Taiwan, and in 2007, a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped missiles when it flew between Air Force bases in North Dakota and Louisiana.

      The Air Force announced last week it was setting up a new Global Strike Command to better manage its nuclear-capable bombers and missiles.

      • Hmmm…that sounds a lot like bringing back SAC. Maybe they shouldn’t have gotten rid of it in the first place? Just a thought. – post by TransTracker

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