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    • Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finding last month that carrying out the plans proposed in the 2009 FYDP would require long-term, inflation-adjusted defense spending at levels higher than at the peak of the Reagan administration buildup in the mid-1980s.
      • And the so-called “Reagan build-up” (actually begun under Carter) is the last large-scale, systemic modernization of U.S. forces. All the major platforms still in use today were developed in the 1970s and early 1980s. It’s about time for another systemic modernization effort. It doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon though. We will have to be back in the position were in during the early 1970s before we take action–i.e. waking after years of neglect to find that out equipment is out-dated, falling apart, and totally inadequate. – post by TransTracker
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    • The report distributed throughout the Army and Marine Corps in 1994 found that a Humvee “even with a mine-protection retrofit kit developed for Somalia remained a deathtrap in the event of an anti-tank mine detonation,” USA Today reported.
      • So, you mean to tell me that the HUMVEE was not meant to be a tank?? A vehicle designed for light transport isn’t as strong as a main battle tank?? You mean to tell me that the HUMVEE doesn’t do what it was never designed to do?? And the Army knew about it?? Oh. My. Gawd! That is a scandal!

        – post by TransTracker

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