I’ve done some quick searches to get a general sense of the severity people perceive in the current swine flu incident. Survey says….PANDEMIC! Ahhhh!

As of this posting, a comparison of “outbreak” versus “epidemic” versus “pandemic” according to Twist, shows that “pandemic” is winning. (NOTE: This is a dynamic chart; the results will change over time.)

I’ve done some more complex searches using BlogPulse and IceRocket. In each case, I searched for and compared posts containing “swine flu” or “flu” and outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic, respectively, plus a search of posts containing all of those terms. Screen captures of the results are pasted below. Again, as you can see, the results are very similar for all three (i.e. Twist, BlogPulse, and IceRocket), it’s a close race between outbreak and pandemic, with pandemic in the lead in two of the three, but only just barely in the BlogPulse results.

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