• A balanced, well-thought reply to Hammes’ anti-PowerPoint diatribe. “Starbuck” rightly points out that the real problem is one of poor communication skills, that PowerPoint in and of itself is not the problem.

    tags: technology, military theory, visualization, communication

    • Earlier this month, retired Marine Colonel TX Hammes wrote an article in Armed Forces Journal regarding the drawbacks of pervasive PowerPoint use in the military. He challenged readers to compete in an essay contest at AFJ, with a selection of books as the prize.

      Col. Hammes’ article has gotten quite a reception throughout the blogosphere, with a few sites (Red Team Journal by Adam Elkus, Building Peace by “Reach 364”, The Best Defense by Thomas Ricks) posting their own replies.

      In the hopes of spurring some conversation on the topic–I’m too into the whole instant gratification thing to wait for the winner to be announced in November–I’m posting my own reply to Col. Hammes.

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