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    • The RAF is under pressure to cut its multibillion-pound orders for fast jets
      in favour of cheaper propeller aircraft as part of a review of defence
    • General Richards, Chief of the General Staff, believes that the Super Tucano
      offers a cost-effective alternative to fast jets such as the Cold War-era
      Eurofighter Typhoon in counter-insurgency operations such as those in
    • General Richards has argued that state-on-state confrontations will be largely
      replaced by counter-insurgency operations in the future, making huge savings
      possible if the Government is prepared to sacrifice ships and tanks for
      lighter and cheaper but technically advanced matériel.
    • Richard North, a defence analyst and
      another advocate of the aircraft, said: “The right kit for the sort of wars
      we are fighting today is a lot cheaper than the high-end kit.”
    • Andrew Brookes, aerospace analyst at the International Institute for Strategic
      Studies, said: “I think that General Richards has been led astray by people
      who think that because it is cheap and cheerful it is the answer to the
      maiden’s prayer. In a Joint Strike Fighter you have a stealthy, magnificent
      intelligence-gathering platform. No one will see it coming and it could go
      to downtown Tehran, Pyongyang or maybe even Moscow tomorrow. You can say you
      would get a lot of Tucanos cheaply but the money for Typhoon and JSF has
      already been spent and they can be used for the whole spectrum of
    • One defence source told The Times: “We neither need, nor can afford the
      ‘deep persistent operating capability’ associated with attacking stealthily
      the most heavily defended airspace on Earth. Something like Tucano does the
      job for irregular warfare [of the future] and is effective and

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