• “Procrastination productivity” defined. Describes me perfectly.

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    • Law enforcement agencies are unhappy with the continuing exemptions for Skype-like services and other online communications that never fell under CALEA in the first place. According to Christopher Soghoian, an expert on information security and government surveillance, law enforcement agencies are seeking three powers currently outside CALEA. First, they want authority to intercept communications exchanged on Twitter, Facebook, and other services in real time as well as to intercept a suspect’s future searches, emails, or chats, as opposed to requesting them retroactively, as it does now. Second, they want to wiretap audio and video chats that are offered as auxiliary services by social networks or game platforms, such as Microsoft’s XBox 360, which allows gamers to chat with each other while playing online. Finally, they’d like to keep tabs on users who are running Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to hide their traffic or login remotely to closed networks, a common practice in business, academia, and government. It remains to be seen whether the FBI and other federal agencies will pursue this ambitious agenda by strong-arming technology companies, pressuring Congress to expand CALEA, or both.
  • Most experts surveyed believe that governments and corporations are the biggest threat to the open Internet, not cybercriminals.

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