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    • In a networked world can not reduce risks to zero. No matter how complex our preventive measures are – there always remains a residual risk. That’s why I think it is extremely important to maintain a social debate about what risks you are willing to accept and which not. We have to very seriously consider, for example, what happens if the electricity goes out for several days. The white population, how they should behave in such a case? The key word here is resilience. We need a new culture of technical and social resilience. It is not enough to simply rely on the state. He is overwhelmed by the complexity of things. In a networked world can only complex networks of many institutions and many people create resilience. This is a big issue, because one thing is clear: Keep the uncertainty.
  • Great synopsis of the debate over the origins and intent of the Duqu trojan.

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  • A valuable methods piece from STRATFOR.

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