space war photo


If we can have cyberspace war, why not spacecyber war?

Historians, military experts and technology buffs agree that the next 9/11 or Pearl Harbor could involve a form of cyber warfare that begins in outer space. In a nightmare scenario, rogue powers (hackers and terrorists) or familiar adversaries (Russia or China) might succeed in knocking out or disabling critical American communications satellites.

A worst case scenario would entail a nationwide loss of cell phone service, an Internet blackout and the disruption of key power grids across the country. Under such circumstances, experts contend that the stock market would grind to a halt. Traffic signals would malfunction. Online commerce would cease. The American way of life would be under siege. (Source:

I suppose the only thing more fun than cyber doom is cyber doom starting in outer space! Sounds like somebody has been watching too many Air Force recruiting videos.