Karl Jensen, Government Computer News, 18 July 2005

Today, new network management technology is producing tremendous improvements in the security, efficiency and robustness of IP-based networks. We are getting smart at teaching networks how to parcel out bandwidth and resources depending on what applications are traversing them, and making priority assignments to rank users, rather than doling out raw bandwidth in a nondiscerning manner.

These technological breakthroughs in the commercial world dovetail with a transformative effort under way now to reshape how the military communicates with its tens of thousands of warfighters deployed around the world. There is a growing recognition that an agile, interoperable system of communications is critical for national defense. As acting CIO for the Defense Department Linton Wells II told the House Armed Services Committee in March, “the network is emerging as the single most important contributor to combat power and protection.”  (more)

Karl Jensen is director of advanced solutions for Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems.