In the last week of January, no shortage of media outlets reported on the sting carried out by Georgian and U.S. officials which involved the attempt to smuggle weapons-grade uranium from Russia.  The New York Times reported

Last January, a Russian man with sunken cheeks and a wispy mustache
crossed into Georgia and traveled to Tbilisi by car along a high
mountain road. In two plastic bags in his leather jacket, Georgian
authorities say, he carried 100 grams of uranium so refined that it
could help fuel an atom bomb.

The Russian, Oleg Khinsagov, had come to meet a buyer who he believed
would pay him $1 million and deliver the material to a Muslim man from
“a serious organization,” the authorities say.

Just a reminder: The threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism is real.  The threat that they will use a radiological/nuclear device is real.  Now, are we going to get serious about Iran’s nuclear program and their support for international terrorism?

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