As part of my research on the paper I am writing about milblogs, I have created a Google Custom Search Engine that searches some of the top milblog sites as rated by, ringsurf, and TTLB.  I plan to use this as a research tool for the paper.  So, to keep the number of results manageable, the search engine only searches the top thirty sites.  In the future, the list could expand, however, as the “Google Marker” for FireFox makes it very easy to add new sites to the search engine.

Go ahead and give it a try!  Enter a search term and see what some milbloggers have to say!

I hope to add more dynamic content to the site in the future, such as a permanent home for the milblog search engine, possibly other search engines which search other sites which I have found to be good sources of information on military affairs, a Grazr RSS reader which displays the latest news from a number of sites, and a Sphere plug-in which will insert context-related search results into posts. I’ve even toyed with the idea of doing a podcast…but we’ll see! Stay tuned!

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