It would be the super cool service known as Silobreaker.  In addition to aggregating the latest news in a number of categories, such as Global Issues, Science and Technology, and Business, Silobreaker aims to place news stories into a wider context by providing links to related articles, real-time network views of the relationships between people, organizations, etc. mentioned in an article, short “fact sheets” and biographies about people and organizations mentioned in an article, customizable graphs of trends in media coverage of an issue, and news stories plotted on a map.

Silobreaker is currently in beta and is free.  The folks at Silobreaker say that, in the future, they will maintain a free service in addition to several levels of paid, premium service.  When it initially launched, it was only fee-for-service, with the fee a whopping $400 per year.  So, take advantage while it’s free!  Head on over and give it a try.  Other news sites pale in comparison after some time spent exploring the features at Silobreaker.

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