• Halo-style marines anyone?

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    • The Pentagon wants to rocket troops through space to hot spots anywhere on the globe within two hours, and planners spent two days last month discussing how to do it, military documents show.

      Civilian and military officials held a two-day conference at the National Security Space Office to plan development of the Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion (SUSTAIN) program. The invitation to the conference called the notion of space troopers a “potential revolutionary step in getting combat power to any point in the world in a timeframe unachievable today.” Attendees included senior Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force officers.

    • Terrorist threats to the United States, according to a statement of need from the Marines in July 2002, can emerge quickly anywhere in the world. A nearly instantaneous response from a small contingent of troops could snuff them out. Rocketship forces could also rescue troops trapped behind enemy lines.
      • Sounds great. Just one question: How are the rocket-born rescuers supposed to get home with their rescued buddies? – post by TransTracker
    • “In the end, events around the globe can unfold much more rapidly and in many circumstances call for the earliest intervention if larger conflicts or other negative international implications are to be averted,” the statement says. “Space transport and insertion is the only means of attaining the needed speed of response.”
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    • The Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), Atlanta, Ga. Wednesday released its annual GTISC Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2009, outlining the top five areas of security concern and risk for consumer and enterprise Internet users for the coming year.
    • As the report puts it, “Security experts consulted by GTISC believe cyberwarfare will accompany traditional military interaction more often in the years ahead. They expect it will also play a more shadowy role in attempts by antagonist nations to subvert the U.S. economy and infrastructure.” “Consider the cyber attacks that occurred between Russia and Georgia earlier this year as a model for military cyber engagements in 2009 and beyond,” it adds.
      • Russia-Georgia is already being invoked in arguments about the future of cyberwar. Yet, in most of the reports that I have read, the present and future look a lot like the past–i.e. DoS and defacing attacks against government and media websites. Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t seem to have been much “progress” in targets, techniques, or effects since the 2000-2001 “cyber-intifada.” – post by TransTracker
  • First report of an OSINT project on the Russia/Georgia cyberwar.

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  • Special report this week from The Economist on “cloud computing.”

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