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    • “A lengthy article published in Culture Mandala details how China is using cyber warfare (PDF) as an asymmetric means to obtain technology transfer and market dominance. Case studies of Estonia, Georgia, and Project Chanology point towards a new auxiliary arm of traditional warfare. Political hackers and common Web 2.0 users, referred to as useful idiots (PDF), are being manipulated through PSYOPS and propaganda to enhance government agendas.”
  • AKA Red Bull and Mountain Dew-drinking “cyber-athletes.”

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    • Described as “cyber athletes” on job search sites, the junior- to senior-level candidates are people who get “jazzed by the exercise of using hand-eye coordination for tackling complex problems,” says Steve Hawkins, vice president of information security solutions at Raytheon. “Engineers who drink Red Bull and Mountain Dew by the caseload to fight the digital cyber war,” are welcome.

      Why the need for more cyber help?

    • due to an increase in — and severity of — data breaches, cyber security funding for the coming fiscal year will go up 10 percent to $7.3 billion. That is a 73 percent increase since 2004. Hawkins expects the biz to jump 15 to 30 percent a year.

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