• There is some excellent material over at the Small Wars Journal blog about perceptions of the value of new media for the lessons learned process. I’ve been thinking of writing a paper on this very topic, but focused on “military knowledge formation” more generally. This post, linked PDF, and other posts that link to and comment on it, will all be great material for that.

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    • “The New Media: Ricks cited a discussion on Small Wars Journal once and also cited some things on PlatoonLeader.org but never considered the way in which the new media has revolutionized the lessons learned process in the U.S. military. (Forget Abu Muqawama, though, because this lowly blog started around the same time as the surge.) Instead of just feeding information to the Center for Army Lessons Learned and waiting for lessons to be disseminated, junior officers are now debating what works and what doesn’t on closed internet fora — such as PlatoonLeader and CompanyCommand — and open fora, such as the discussion threads on Small Wars Journal. The effect of the new media on the junior officers fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was left curiously unexplored by Ricks, now a famous blogger himself.”

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