• DoD now has a blog, huh? Let’s see: Written by a journalist, high production values, and it only serves as a cheerleader for the organization. Sorry guys, that’s not a blog….not really.

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    • The Pentagon couldn’t beat the military bloggers, so it decided to join ’em.
    • American Forces Press Service, the Defense Department’s in-house wire service, is taking a page from the bloggers and offering up a new new series of internet reports from one of its own.

      AFPS reporter Fred W. Baker III, who is currently on an extended assignment in Afghanistan, has a dedicated page on the Department of Defense website. It’s a pretty slick multimedia setup that combines video, photo essays and dispatches.

    • The AFPS seems to have put a premium on packaging here, as well. The video piece is well edited, the photos look great and the writing is crisp.
    • But this is still the military’s official good-news organ. So don’t expect anything too critical of the war effort, or its conduct. Sample headlines: “Coalition Forces Build Trust in Afghanistan,” “Team Brings Hope to Paktia Province,” “MRAPs Provide Safe Feeling,” “Team in Afghanistan Looks to Double Health Care Access” and so on.
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