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    • The Army and senior OSD leadership are debating whether to eliminate all but one of the eight FCS vehicles, a Hill source says. The sole surviving vehicle would be, not surprisingly, the Non Line of Sight Cannon.

      But the plan being considered would save a relatively paltry $500 million in 2010.

      • And there you have it, the logic (or lack thereof) of the way we do defense. We’re going to cancel an entire program, wasting the billions we’ve already spent, so that we can save $500 million in the short term. And in the process, we’re going to end the main Army modernization program, ensuring that the backbone of our force is comprised of platforms developed in the 1970s. – post by TransTracker
    • Also, an industry source pointed out that as the number of vehicles in the program shrinks, so does the viability of the network. “The development of the FCS network is linked to the development of FCS Manned Ground Vehicles. Each MGV acts as a node in the ground based aspect of the network. So cutting MGVs reduces the viability of the network,” the industry source said.
  • Another idea for using new media for purposes of military knowledge formation, in this cases shortening the lessons learned, doctrine development loop.

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