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    • ‘If the nation went to war today in a cyberwar, we would lose. We’re the most vulnerable. We’re the most connected. We have the most to lose.” Former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell delivered that bracing statement at a recent Senate hearing on cybersecurity.
    • The information networks that nearly every American relies on are under constant attack by sophisticated cyber adversaries. These adversaries target our identities, our money, our businesses, our intellectual property, and our national security secrets. They often succeed. What’s more, they have the potential to disrupt or disable vital information networks, which could cause catastrophic economic loss and social havoc.
    • We have proposed legislation, the Cybersecurity Act of 2010, that will create a partnership between the government and private companies to protect our information networks before, during and after a crisis.
    • In a cybersecurity emergency, such as a terrorist attack or a major natural disaster, our country must be prepared to respond without delay.
    • This is a job for our entire country, and this year must be the turning point. We must build a strong public-private partnership for cybersecurity in the 21st century.

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