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    • India is one of the world’s fastest-growing wireless markets, and it already has an estimated one million BlackBerry users. Some use R.I.M.’s consumer e-mail service, which the government said it had no problem with because it can already monitor those messages.
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    • I get pretty irritated with the CyberWar Hysteria sometimes. The logic of alamists goes something like this:

      1) “Oh Noes there are Bad Haxors out there who break into computers!!”

      2) “Computers are buggy and have problems and really get hacked!!!”

      3) *crickets*


      It is genuinely hard to find examples of meatspace impacts from online hacking. Most frequently suggested is the power grid: the systems are complex, incredibly creaky, and computer controlled. This may have (but probably didn’t) happen in Brazil.

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