The U.S. Air Force has recently been working to counter the emerging threat of ISIS use of commercial drones. The service has even downed two ISIS drones.

[I]n October of this year, the Air Force stood up a working group to address the evolving threat presented by small commercial drones operated by ISIS

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Also, Air Force Secretary Deborah James recently addressed an incident where two Air Force ISR assets were flying in support coalition ground operations when they were notified of a small ISIS drone in the vicinity of Mosul.


“The aircraft used electronic warfare capabilities to down the small drone in less than 15 minutes,” spokeswoman Yepsen told Defense Systems.

This phenomenon underscores a specific and important global combat trend, as the U.S. military increasingly tries to prepare for the growing reality that adversaries will rapidly have more sophisticated and deadly drone technologies.

Source: Air Force counters ISIS explosive-laden drone attacks — Defense Systems