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Washington Examiner, Charlie Mitchell implies that opposing President Trump’s cabinet nominees constitutes a cyber security threat:

Republicans say Democrats are blocking a floor vote on Commerce Secretary-designate Wilbur Ross despite the absence of any articulated opposition to the nominee.

“They are just blocking everybody,” McConnell’s spokesman said.


Cybersecurity wasn’t an issue for any of these nominees, but it could suffer collateral damage from the battle in the Senate. (via “Opposition to Trump’s Cabinet picks hurts cyber policy across agencies )

A by-product of Democratic opposition to some cabinet nominees might be to weaken cyber security of the agencies those nominees would head. Might.

But in 2012, GOP Senators, at the behest of large corporations, worked to actually prevent the strengthening of U.S. cyber security by directly filibustering and defeating a bill offering only voluntary cyber security guidelines for providers of critical infrastructure like power and water systems.